1. About WiFi
Can't get WiFi on your phone?
Answer :
(1) Restart the mobile phone or aircraft;
(2) Please replace the phone and try it.
(3) If the connection is still unavailable, it is recommended to return to the factory for repair.

2. Can't find WiFi on your phone?
(1) 5G wifi if mobile phone support, if not support, please change the configuration slightly higher phone try (iDol aircraft wi-fi for 5Gwifi)
(2) After starting up, check whether the indicator light above the camera is on. If it is on, it indicates that WiFi is started. If the aircraft is restarted or the mobile phone is replaced, WiFi cannot be found.
When the plane takes off at a certain altitude, the wifi disconnects.
Answer :
(1) Check whether the WiFi assistant function is turned on by the mobile phone. As the WiFi signal is weak after the WiFi assistant is turned on, the mobile phone will automatically switch to the traffic mode, resulting in WiFi disconnection.
(2) Replace other mobile phones or change the flight site to see if there is the same problem. It is suggested that the novice should calibrate the drone and fly in an open and unobstructed environment with over 14 GPS stars.
(3) Stay away from power lines, mobile base stations and other places that may interfere with the signal.
(4) If this problem occurs on the first flight, please check the above conditions. If this problem occurs frequently, it is recommended to return to the factory for maintenance.
3.About maintenance
① Czech maintenance point:
4PX Express CZ s.r.o. VGP Park,Lidicka 498, 25261 Jenec, Praha-zapad, Czech Republic
Tel: 00420778502289/00420778502289   

② American maintenance point:
5640 Grace Place,Commerce, CA 90022 USA