User Teaching FUNSNAP APP Commentary

The first flight or the first flight after the firmware upgrade needs to be calibrated.

1. FUNSNAP APP download


The FUNSNAP APP is an app tailored to the iDol drone and can be used to control the iDol drone, capture and share photos.

2. Connect APP

Start the drone, then open the phone settings, select the WiFi connection starting with DY, the WiFi password is 123456789. The FUNSNAP APP can be opened to control the drone.

Gesture control: within 1~2 meters from the lens, gesture towards the camera, and take photos (the indicator light above the lens shows that the recognition is successful).

Speed: 5 m/s, 2 m/s. When indoor flight, please open a slow mode; In the case of wind, in order to improve the anti-wind performance of the aircraft, it is recommended that you open a fast speed flight mode.

Headless mode: open headless mode, and the aircraft will lock the direction of the fuselage when taking off. There is no need to distinguish the nose direction in flight.

Note: do not open headless mode for indoor flight, because the indoor environment will disturb the compass, which may lead to the direction of headless mode is not accurate.

Gravity mode: turn on the gravity mode, press and hold the center point of the right rocker bar, and you can control the aircraft to fly forward, backward and left-right horizontal direction through the gravity-sensing of the phone. The left accelerator upgrade and the nose rotation need to be controlled manually.

Electronic fence: turn on the electronic fence, and the aircraft will fly within the fence centered on the return point to guarantee your personal safety.

The microsd capacity is 8G, and the remaining microsd capacity is shown in the top toolbar. To ensure your smooth shooting, please arrange the microsd regularly.

Arrangement: connect the aircraft and the computer with Micro USB cable, and then check the video and pictures taken by the aircraft and sort them out.

When the GPS star number doesn't satisfy the positioning and the flight altitude is less than 2 meters, the aircraft will switch to the mode of optical flow positioning. Please pay attention to the selection of the appropriate flight environment. The best way to fly for the first time is to fly in the open air, and then fly above 14 GPS stars.

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