How to use Remote Control?

Press the power button for 1 second, the status display light is on, and flicker indicates successful startup.

Remote control alignment code: (10 seconds after the drone starts up, please check the code in time.)

Turn on the remote control first and then the aircraft, and respectively move the left rocker of the remote control up and down. The aircraft indicator light changes from red to other colors, indicating the success of the code alignment of the remote control. Open the FUNSNAP APP in the phone and the APP shows that the remote control has been connected successfully.

Horizontal remote control calibration:

Unfold the aircraft, place it horizontally, and move the left and right rocker at the same time to the bottom left for 1 second before releasing.The drone starts horizontal calibration and the status light is white and quick, Wait 5 seconds or so for the aircraft indicator light to change color, indicating that the calibration is completed.

Magnetic calibration of remote control:

Move the left and right rocker at the same time to the bottom right, continue for one second and then release.The drone indicator light is white, and the drone is rotated horizontally for 4 turns. The pilot light of the drone turns white and double flashing, and then the drone is rotated vertically for 4 turns. Indicator light changes color, indicating that calibration is completed, The indicator light turns green, indicating that it is connected to GPS and can take off normally outside.

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